16 December 2018
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2018 December

As the greatest research and educational center of hematology-oncology in northwestern Iran, our prophetic, religious, and national goals are:

1. Developing research opportunities in educational, hygienic, and therapeutic fields

2. Sounding and programming policies on hematology and oncology topics

 3. Producing new information for promoting healthcare

4. Promoting full partnership in order to raise Iran’s scientific status in international associations and organizations

5. Conducting collaborative studies to reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality in order to increase the span and quality of life

6. Providing attention to patients in poor conditions

7. Coordinating collaborative research between national and international scientific and research associations to improve the conditions of deprived patients

 Strategic topics:

1. Creating research opportunities and capacities of center

2. Promoting cooperation between different departments, especially the basic science department.

Enormous goals:

1. Organizing the patient registry system

2. Equipping and using center laboratories in order to achieve research goals along with accredited responsibilities.

3. Increasing the number of facilities

4. Improving and increasing the skills and participation of center constituents

5. Expanding joint responsibilities first with the basic science department before any clinical and molecular biology trials

6. Summoning other departments for collaboration in research center activities and policies